Technical Tips

These tips are broken up by vehicle model and year, with a general Tech Tip section applicable to all models.  Near the end of each Interior section I will include any photographs I may have taken of hidden screws and their locations.  I will also try to include any photographs of the relevant section, i.e. Brakes, Engine, Body, etc..

General Tips

Examine ALL parts of a brake caliper before quoting a brake job. This includes:

Always inspect motor mounts.


Jeep Grand Cherokee/Dodge Durango (WK/WD), 2010 - Present


Extreme care should be taken when removing the center stack bezel.  The plastic orange clips can pop off easily and drop into the instrument panel, as can the rod linkage for the two A/C outlets.

Instrument Panel Hidden Screws
Left of Steering Wheel


Right of Steering Wheel


Right Side of Center Stack