The Dusty Truck: A 1974 Dodge W-100


I purchased this truck in September of 2007 from a gentleman in San Pedro, CA, who had listed it on Dodge Power Wagon.  The pictures made it appear in excellent shape, and when I checked it out they were not far from the truth.  Aside from a somewhat shabby interior, and some minor surface rust and a couple areas of chipping paint in the bed, the truck was in extremely good condition.  It was originally a Las Vegas truck, and had a number of additions to it made by the second-to-last owner.  A cross-bed toolbox, aftermarket cassette deck, CD changer, and CB radio were the most apparent.  These were removed by the last owner, as well as a rubber bed liner, fender flares, and a large amount of a tar-like substance from the paint.  He did a very good job.

Update 2010-12-03: Unfortunately the truck met with an accident on September 24th, 2008, one year to the day of purchase.  It was struck on the right-front wheel while I was making a left turn in Los Angeles.  The other car, a mid-nineties Honda, was travelling at approximately 45 MPH, and the force of the impact on the solid front axle shifted the entire frame six inches to the left.  Everything before the cowl panel was damaged if not destroyed.  Repairs would have started at ten thousand dollars for a new frame, front clip, fenders, and additional bodywork, so it was considered a total loss.  As such, it was sold to the junkyard.  In retrospect I should have just kept the damn thing and used it as a parts vehicle, but what's done is done.  I only hope that someone was able to scavenge it for parts before it was crushed and sent over to China.  As of now I am driving a 2005 Dodge Dakota with a 4.7L V8, and am constantly on the look out for another '74 Powerwagon.

I am keeping this page up so I can reference it for ideas once I acquire another Powerwagon, and for others looking for help and inspiration.

Basic Information
Year: 1974
Make and model: Dodge W-100
Mileage at purchase: 113484 (Estimated)
Engine: 318 V8
Transmission: A727 LoadFlite automatic
Transfer case: NP205
Differential Gearing: 3.54:1/3.55:1  Front/Rear
Body Style: Sweptline short bed
Factory air conditioning
Power steering
Power drum brakes
Current Additions/Modifications
  • Previous Owner:
    • Transmission converted from four speed manual to A727 LoadFlite automatic.
    • Stock wiring shoddily modified by second-to-last owner.  Previous owner attempted to correct problem; got approximately three-quarters of the way through before sale.
    • Front and rear tow hitches.
    • Edelbrock Performer intake manifold.
    • Edelbrock Performer carburetor, model 1405.
    • Aftermarket air cleaner housing.
    • Fuel line from pump to carb replaced by steel braid and AN fittings.
    • Aftermarket rims.
    • 31 inch tall highway/off-road Big O AT Bigfoot tires.
    • Holes cut in both doors for 6x9 inch speakers.
    • Tuff-Wheel steering wheel.
Future Additions/Modifications/Repairs
  • Additions:
    • Install CD deck and speakers.
    • Install CB radio.
    • Wheel-well tool box.
    • Fire extinguisher.
    • Three-point seatbelts.
  • Modifications:
    • Replace stock steering column with tilt column.
    • Front disc brake conversion.
    • Rear disc brake conversion.
    • Revert back to manual transmission.
    • Beef up the NP205 transfer case.
    • Oil filter relocation kit.
    • Possible swap of Edelbrock carburetor to Demonsizzler Thermoquad.
    • Figure out easier way of storing spare tire.
    • Adjust cab mounts.
    • Replace stock gauges with aftermarket gauges.
    • Fabricate new gauge bezel.
    • Swap 318 engine with 408 stroker engine
  • Repairs:
    • Replace temperature sender.
    • Replace oil pressure sender.
    • Rewire back to stock while adding additional circuits.
    • Replace horns.
    • Replace gauge cluster.
    • Service differentials.
    • Service transmission.
    • Service transfer case.
    • Repair tailgate.
    • Replace locking hubs due to excessive wear and damage to hub body.
Current Repairs and Services
  • 113700: Oil change, lube job, front brake adjustment.
  • 113737: Complete front brake job, right wheel hub replacement, replace left wheel studs, bead blast and repaint front brake backing plates, four wheel brake adjustment.
  • 114200: Drain and refill transfer case with 80w-90 gear oil.
  • 115145: Recalibrate carburetor to near-1406 specs.  0.098" jets, 0.073x0.047" rods, 4" hg springs.
  • 115191: Replace rear center brake hose.
  • 115425: Replace alternator, belts.
Repair and Modification How-Tos and Tutorials

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